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 CSA Shares still available at all sites. Join the farm soon - first pickups start in a few weeks!

  • NYC & New Rochelle - Thursday, June 6

  • Capital District - Tuesday, June 11

  • Westchester - Wednesday, June 12

  • At the Farm - Friday, June 14


Creating a Better Food System

Roxbury Farm CSA is a community supported farm; a partnership between the farmers and the customers.  Through this partnership we can work together to create a food system that works for everyone.   Our customers know where their food comes from and who grows their food.  They have a direct relationship with the farmers and the land.  Our customers trust us to farm in a regenerative way and to produce the freshest and highest quality food possible at a fair price.  

We have a guaranteed market for our products and we receive a fair price.  This allows us to pay better wages to people working on the farm, use regenerative farming practices, raise our livestock humanely, and to share our farming knowledge with other farmers.  We want our farm to be here for our customers for generations to come.    

The customer/farmer partnership reduces waste in the food system.  We only grow what our customers need.  We can deliver tomatoes and potatoes of all sizes instead of the perfectly round tomato and potatoes all of the same size.  All our CSA distribution sites are connected to a food pantry or food bank.  All produce that remains at the end of a pick up is donated in order to provide access to fresh produce to all member of the community.  Each year this partnership donates $100,000 worth of produce to Hudson Valley and NYC food pantries. 


Certified Organic Vegetables

All our produce is grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides.   We are certified organic by NOFA-NY, LLC.  Almost all of the vegetables are started from seed on the farm either in the field or in one of our greenhouses. The land is fertilized with aged compost and green manure crops. A very carefully planned rotation allows fields to be taken out of production to build soil fertility. This means we cultivate twice as many acres as needed for vegetable crop production. The result is that we have very low incidences of pests and diseases. We believe that soil health is the basis for sound farming. 


CSA Membership

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"What lettuce is supposed to taste like."

— Capital District CSA Member

Regenerative Farming Practices


Farm Team

Jean-Paul Courtens founded Roxbury Farm in 1990. Today Jody Bolluyt and Keri Latiolais own and operate Roxbury Farm CSA. They are joined by an amazing team; David Bolluyt, Linda Bolluyt, Brooke Bullock, Jay Card, Kyle Stark, and Maria Tapia-Cruz. The farm has been created and shaped by the many people who have cared for the land and the animals over the years. We are grateful to everyone who has been part of the farm team.


Pastured Livestock


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