Pastured Livestock

We strive to raise our livestock in a stress free environment that allow a pig to be a pig, a cow to be a cow, and a sheep to be a sheep.  We raise the mother animals on our farm and the young are born on the farm each spring.  All of our cows and sheep are completely grass fed.  They are rotationally grazed through our pastures in the warm months and eat hay & baleage made on our hay fields during the winter.  The pigs are raised on pastures and are fed Roxbury veggies and certified organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds in Vermont.  All of the livestock have access to shelter and fresh water at all times.


Dorper/Katahdin Sheep

We raise Dorper/Katahdin cross sheep. They are a hair sheep which means they shed their wool each spring like a goat.  We have 40 ewes and each spring we have 70 to 80 lambs.  


Black Angus and White  Park Cattle

Our cattle are Black Angus, White Park, and Black Angus/White Park cross.  All of them come from a long line of grass fed genetics.  We have 20 cows and 15 to 20 calves each spring.  


Pastured Pigs

We have three sows of mixed breeds including heritage breeds like Tamworth, Large Black, and Old Spot.  Each sow has eight to ten piglets in the early spring.  The pigs spend their summers on pasture and their winters in our greenhouse barn in a deep bed of straw.