Roxbury Farm


Roxbury Farm is a 400 acre family farm.

We are located in Kinderhook, NY in the northern section of the Hudson Valley.  We raise 20 acres of vegetables each year and have another 20 acres in cover crops and green manures.  This rotation allows us to build and maintain soil fertility with fewer off farm inputs.

We have 100 acres of hay and an additional 100 acres of pasture for our cows and pigs.  The rest of our land is in natural areas, swamp, and the Kinderhook Creek.

Jean-Paul Courtens started Roxbury Farm in 1990 on 5 acres in Claverack, NY.  The CSA started in 1991 with 30 members.  The CSA has now grown to over 800 members in the Capital District, Columbia County, Westchester County, and New York City.  Jody Bolluyt joined the farm in 2000.  That year the farm moved to new land in Kinderhook.  In partnership with our CSA members, Open Space Institute, and Equity Trust this new farm is protected for agriculture in perpetuity.  This protection also provides for the affordable access to land and infrastructure.  

Roxbury Farm CSA also rents land and infrastructure from the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site that manages the estate of Martin Van Buren, the 8th president.  

In 2010, Keri Latiolais, Jody's sister, joined the farm management team.  Keri farmed in Burlington and Brattleboro, VT before moving to Roxbury Farm.  Jody and Keri are now the owners of Roxbury Farm CSA.

In 2015, Jean-Paul started a new project in Hurley, NY called the Hudson Valley Farm Hub.  Jean-Paul created a professional farmer training program to educate the next generation of farmers. In 2019, Jean-Paul started the Roxbury Agriculture Institute at Philia Farm in Johnstown, NY with Crystal Stewart. Look for their upcoming research on no-till and reduced till vegetable farming.  

For more information about our land tenure agreements click HERE.