Regenerative Farming Practices

We strive to farm in manner that will allow our land to be farmed for generations.  We also feel it is important to share our knowledge and experience with other farmers.  The documents below outline our farming practices.  We hope they are helpful.


Soil Fertility Practices on Roxbury Farm

This document describes how we work with the physical, biological, and chemical properties of soil.  


Biodynamic Practices on Roxbury Farm

We use Biodynamic practices on Roxbury Farm.  Biodynamic agriculture is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.  This type of agriculture recognizes that we are working with a unique living system on each of our farms.  In order to be a good steward of our land we need to create a relationship with each square inch of our farm.  This document outlines some of the practices that help us to create this relationship.


Whole Farm Approach to Soil and Plant Health

This slide show outlines how all of our practices work together to create healthy soil and crops.  


Harvest Manual

This manual outlines all of our harvesting, washing, packing, and storage procedures for each of the crops we grow.


Crop Manual

This manual describes how we seed, plant, and care for each of the crops we grow.


Purchasing Equipment

This article outlines the thought process we go through when purchasing a new piece of equipment.


Crop Plans for a 100 Member CSA

Here are our share list, greenhouse plan, and field plan for a 100 member CSA.