Are your products certified organic?

All of the vegetables in the regular season share and the winter share are certified organic by NOFA-NY, LLC.  The fruit is not organic and is purchased from a local orchard, Yonder Farms.  We raise the beef, pork, and lamb on our farm but they are not certified organic.  We purchase the chickens from Yundwell Pastured Poultry (Mike and Shelly worked at Roxbury Farm for many years before starting their own operation.)  The chickens are raised on pasture and fed organic grain but are not certified organic.


How does the CSA program work?

Members sign up for a share in January or February before the season starts.  Members can pay all at once or pay a deposit and the remaining balance in 3 payments.  This advance payment gives us the peace of mind that the vegetables we are growing have a home to go to.

The CSA shares start in June and run for 24 weeks until Thanksgiving.  The winter share is once a month in December, January, and February.  

We have 20 CSA sites for you to choose from.  Once you pick a site, your vegetables will be delivered to that site every week.  We can't change your site from week to week.

All of the CSA sites are run by member volunteers and are in people's garages or in schools, churches, synagogues, or day cares.  We ask that each member volunteer at their CSA site for 2 to 3 hours each season to help make the distribution run smoothly.  This helps keep the distribution costs of your share to a minimum and the share price more affordable. 


Do you have more than one size share?

Yes, we have two share sizes. A Full Share is enough for a family of 4 with 10 to 12 items each week. Full Shares are distributed “market style”. You follow a list of items in the share and pick out which bunch of beets, which tomatoes, etc that you would like.

A Small Share is enough for 1 or 2 people with 5 to 8 items each week. A Small Share comes pre-boxed for your convenience.

Both Full and Small Share members are asked to volunteer at the CSA site.


What if I don't like a vegetable?

All the vegetables left at the end of a CSA distribution are donated to a food pantry.  If you don't like a vegetable you can leave it to be donated to the food pantry.  Or you can chat with another member to see if they are willing to trade with you.  Please only take what is on the share list as we carefully count and measure each item so all members get the whole share.  


Can I visit the farm?

Please!  All members are welcome to visit the farm.  We grow a cut flower bed so you can take home a bouquet of flowers.   There is also a public trail that goes around the farm starting at the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site.  

We have two member work days each season, one in July to harvest the garlic and one in October to plant the garlic.  The member work days start at 10:00 am and we then share in a potluck lunch and a BBQ of Roxbury Farm grass fed burgers at 1:00 pm.  Details will be in the weekly newsletter.   


How do I order wholesale?

If you are interested in wholesale vegetables or meat please contact us at info@roxburyfarm.com or 518-758-8558.  We also work with Farms 2 Tables and Hudson Valley Harvest and have a limited number of products on their websites.  

Any other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at info@roxburyfarm.com or 518-758-8558.