2018 NOFA-NY Farm of the Year

Hoosick dusk.jpg

Jean-Paul and Jody were honored this year to be named Farmers of the Year by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY).  At the presentation of the award during the Winter Conference, they discussed how they didn't see this as an award about them personally, but about Roxbury Farm itself and the community that created & sustains the farm.  So we are calling it the Farm of the Year award and sharing it with everyone!


When we were creating our presentation for the Winter Conference, we asked community members for their input - to answer the question "What does Roxbury Farm mean to you?" Here you can read through responses that we received from founders, members and employees.

One of the things that we discussed is how we continue to build community in and around our farm.  How do we support those involved in the farm to continue the success of our community.  We also asked the audience to participate with a discussion of their own and by entering their responses to be projected on the screen.  We collected those responses as a way to continue this conversation beyond our presentation.