Meat Orders

We will not be making deliveries again until the shares start in June.  If you make an order, we will keep it until then.

Meat can only be ordered by Roxbury Farm CSA members.  Grassfed lamb and beef and pastured pork can be ordered by the cut and delivered to your CSA site along with your vegetable share.  The cuts are frozen and in plastic vacuum sealed packages.  When placing order please order by the package, not by weight.  You do not need to pay for your meat order until you receive it.  We will send an invoice along with your meat order.  Then you can send your payment to the farm.  

We change the cuts available frequently so check back soon.   CHUCK STEAK ON SALE NOW! 

Beef, Shoulder London Broil

A great cut for pot roast or the slow cooker.   1.5 to 2 lbs per roast.  $8.00 per lb.

Beef: Bottom Round Roast

Bottom Round Roast are best prepared braising or long, slow, moist cooking.  3 -5 lb roasts. $6.75/lb.

Beef, Chuck Steak

A large, thick steak, more like a roast.  Bone-in.  Great for pot roast or the slow cooker.  Around 2 lbs per steak.  ON SALE NOW! $6.00 per lb

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