Grassfed and Pastured Livestock

We feel that animals should be raised in environments that suite the natural instincts of the animals.  Our sheep and cattle are raised on pasture and our pigs live in the woods during the warm months year.  They are all breeds that are suited to and bred for life on pasture.  Tpinky in greenhouse

The pigs are a mixed breed of Hampshire (pink), Tamworth(red), Large Black (black with floppy ears), and Old Spot (white with black spots).  They live in the woods in the summer months and can root around in the soil and wallow in mud baths.  The pigs are fed an organic grain mix along with vegetables from the farm.  In the winter the sows live in our greenhouse barn in a deep bed of straw for warmth.  Their piglets are born in early February.

The Katahdinjohannes sheep photo and Katahdin/Dorper cross sheep are raised entirely on grass. These two breeds are hair sheep which means they don't produce a heavy wool coat and therefore do not need to be sheared.  They shed their wool like goats in the spring.  They are hearty breeds that do well on pastures, are easy lambers, and good mothers. In the warm months they graze over our 30 acres of permanent pasture, moving to a new paddock every three to four days.  In the winter they also live in the greenhouse barn and are fed hay produced on the farm.  We have 50 ewes and a few rams.  The lambs are usually born in early March. 

The Black Angus Beef Cattle and American White Park Cattle are also raised entirely on grass.  We have 19 cows that calve in the early spring.  They have access at all times to a barn for shade and shelter and can freely move between the barn and their pasture.  The beef herd is also rotationally grazed. 

We offer beef, lamb, and pork shares and meat by the specific cut to add to your vegetable share.  Look for the Meat Share forms on the community pages under 'CSA Membership' above.  Periodically, we have cuts available for order under 'Our Products'.

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