Farming Practices

bunched carrotsAll our produce is grown without the input of any synthetic or artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Almost all of the vegetables are started from seed on the farm either in the field or in one of our greenhouses. The land is fertilized with aged compost and green manure crops. A very carefully planned rotation allows fields to be taken out of production to build soil fertility. This means we cultivate twice as many acres as needed for vegetable crop production. The result is that we have very low incidences of pests and diseases. We believe that soil health is the basis for sound farming. 

We have chosen not to pursue organic certification by the USDA.  We comply wfarm and mountainsith all of the standards but we feel that 3rd party verification is not necessary on our farm.  The CSA members can come to the farm and certify for themselves that we use organic and sustainable practices.  We chose to sign the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York's "Farmer's Pledge" in place of becoming certified organic.  We feel the "Farmer's Pledge" is a reflection of why many farmers chose to become organic in the first place; to treat the people who grow the food, the customers who eat the food, and the land and animals that produce the food with dignity and respect.

Livestock are important part of our farm.  We raise sheep, pigs, and beef cattle.   We strive to provide our animals with environments that best suite the instinctual needs of the animal.  Our beef and lamb are 100% grassfed and our pigs are pastured and fed organic grain. 

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